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Meals4hope promotes and supports projects that help communities feed their children in some of the poorest areas in Venezuela. Community programmes against hunger and malnutrition that seed hope and a healthier future for children and their families.

Venezuela suffers a humanitarian crisis that affects the daily lives of millions of people in the country, who are unable to feed their families. In the poorest areas of the country, close to half of the children suffer from malnutrition, with some dying as a result.

Hunger has arrived at hundreds of homes in Venezuela and now dwells there; many families can barely afford one meal per day. Every day more children faint in class or stop going to school because they are too weak. What little they eat does not provide enough nutrients to help them develop.

Our Vision

Our vision is a country without hunger and malnutrition, where every person has the food they need. A country where children are well nourished and healthy and can grow, go to school, learn, play, participate, and be able to develop and reach their full potential.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help poor communities provide food for their children and tackle malnutrition today, responding to the emergency, and help them create and develop life-changing lasting solutions, promoting sustainability.

Our Values

Our values are commitment, care, solidarity, transparency, accountability, working together in partnership.

5€ can give a child school meals for a week or a month supply of therapeutic food to a malnourished child

10€ can buy tools and seeds to produce vegetables and fruits in community gardens

15€ can give a food parcel to a hungry child – providing nutritious supplements for a month


We are a group of Venezuelan men and women concerned about the critical living conditions of children in the poor areas of our country. We have united to raise funds for, promote and support projects that help change this situation: Projects to fight hunger and malnutrition in children, projects that help save lives by providing food and bringing hope and a better future for children and their families.

Every member brings different knowledge, skills and abilities to the team, whilst freely giving our time and effort to our cause. We are united by our pain in seeing hungry children and the wish to change the situation. We fully and freely volunteer our work, so that all funds raised will directly benefit children who need it and their communities.

Where we are

We work with local volunteers and collaborate with various organisations, in areas of extreme poverty and often difficult access in 12 states, where levels of malnutrition are increasing at alarming rates

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Currently we support 50 projects in 10 regions of the country. These are areas of extreme poverty, with urgent needs, where children have abandoned school because they have nothing to eat and where malnutrition is increasing at alarming rates amongst children.

We work in communities in Anzoátegui, Apure, Bolívar, Guárico, Lara, Mérida, Miranda, Nueva Esparta, Portuguesa and Distrito Capital.

The projects and programmes are adapted to the needs and characteristics of each community. They are carried by sensitive and committed local people.

The participation of the communities themselves, local alliances and the dedicated support of volunteers are key to the success and sustainability of the programmes.


All funds raised go towards projects that fight hunger and malnutrition in children. We are specifically supporting the following projects:

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Nutritional Recovery Programme

Nutritional recovery requires dedicated care. Every week, children with malnutrition are weighed, measured and evaluated, and the nutritional support that each child needs is provided. This much needed constant support, provided with care, is saving lives. We are currently helping over 600 children to overcome malnutrition

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Community Homes

Volunteering women from the communities open their doors, and with the help of their neighbours, receive the children most in need from the local area to give them a balanced and nutritious meal every day. We have a total of 15 Community Homes where we care for approximately 400 children daily.

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School Canteens

The number of children who drop out of school, or faint in class due to lack of food, increases every day. This programme, run in low-income schools, provides a nutritious daily meal to school-age children allowing them to grow healthy and continue their studies. Currently we are helping 5 schools in Lara, Mérida and Portuguesa, providing food to 620 young students.

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Community Stews and Canteens

A team of volunteers come together and enable a location to function as a Community Canteen. These can take place in churches, clinics, community centres, and even under a tree with humble chairs, but the food is always prepared and served with love. Up to 450 children benefit from stews and delicious meals provided in these Community Food programmes in different areas of the country.

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Support for pregnant and lactating mothers

Preventing malnutrition in a child starts with the mother. The first 1000 days (from conception to age 2) are a crucial period during which the foundations for future health and wellbeing are built. We give practical, emotional and nutritional support to pregnant and nursing women, helping the children through their mothers. In 2019 we have supported over 700 pregnant and lactating women.

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Local food production

Children and adults take part in community and family gardens, chicken raising and various forms of local food production that seek to tackle issues of food access ad food security while fostering a sense of community at neighbourhood level. In Mérida, Bolívar, Anzoátegui these initiatives are slowly but steadily growing.

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Community Health programmes

Medical volunteers support the projects in different ways. They monitor the children's growth and nutritional development, perform medical check-ups, support deworming sessions, prescribe medicines or make referrals to medical centres for those children who need it. This help has been invaluable; especially at a time in which Venezuela’s public health system is in precarious conditions.

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Water and Hygiene

Clean water and good hygiene practices are essential for the health and development of children. Our teams work on promoting basic hygiene practices, improving access to safe drinking water and preventing diseases related to poor quality water. In 2019 we have distributed water purification tablets and community filters, benefitting over 1500 people.

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Medicines and Medical Supplies

We receive donations of medicines and medical supplies from different parts of the world which are recorded and sent to Venezuela. On arrival, they are classified and given to doctors working in hospitals, clinics or health centres; directly to people with chronic conditions or requiring medications and to volunteering doctors who help us in the communities in which we work.


Check here for news and headlines about the situation in Venezuela, read the latest stories on our projects and join the conversation

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Solidarity in Action! – School canteen barrio Brisas del Sur

Every week, we are taking good sources of protein and a variety of fruits and vegetables to the school canteen in Barrio Brisas del Sur. Enough healthy food to prepare 200 lunch meals a week. 40 children are receiving free well-balanced daily meals. The volunteers who run the canteen are being trained so they are able to prepare meals that meet the children´s requirements. You have already started making a change to the lives of many children in need! Once again THANK YOU!!


Venezuela is currently suffering a humanitarian crisis. People are struggling to feed themselves and their children and facing malnutrition.Massive inflation, one of the highest in the world, multiplies the price of products hundreds of times and only keeps on growing. There are shortages of food and basic provisions. There is lack of jobs. What little there is, is too expensive for people in poverty to afford. In the poorest areas of the country, over 1 in 3 children are seriously malnourished; many families can barely afford one meal per day.

More information on Venezuela’s crisis:

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Donate, campaign, spread the word, volunteer, fundraise … there are many ways to get involved.


You can help give hungry children food, prevent and treat malnutrition and create long lasting solutions by donating today. Make a donation at www.gofundme.com/meals4hope orfor donations in US dollars ($) www.gofundme.com/meals4hope2. For food donations or for contributions in Venezuela please e-mail us at meals4hope@gmail.com

Campaign / raise awareness

Help us make sure that the suffering of hungry children in Venezuela doesn’t go unheard. Help make others aware of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. Forward articles and information to friends about what is happening. Join our campaigns and add your voice to make a change, so no child goes to bed hungry, so no child dies from preventable and treatable malnutrition. Campaign for change!


You can make a huge difference by fundraising to support our life-saving projects and help beat child hunger in poor barrios of Venezuela. La Nena is organising a Yoga class to raise funds; Steve is planning to do a Movember campaign; Bridget suggested a car wash with her children; Cocina Criolla is giving Meals4hope a percentage of the food they sell; you can bake, run, organise a party... choose something that suits you!

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We'd love to hear from you to answer your questions or hear any comments/suggestions you might have . Please do not hesitate to contact us, so that together we can bring food and smiles to children who need them.

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