detecting, preventing and treating malnutrition …
so children can regain their health and fulfil their full potential

Tackling Malnutrition

Malnutrition weakens children’s immune systems and leaves them vulnerable to infection, disease and death; it robs children of their futures and threatens their lives. Our teams work weighing, measuring and evaluating children with malnutrition or at risk of it, as well as providing the nutritional support that each child needs.

According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of acute malnutrition without complications can be treated at home, in local communities. We work in the communities and strengthen systems to prevent malnutrition before it occurs. And when it does, we’re there to provide the resources needed and where possible, work in coordination with hospitals, to save lives.

Ponte Poronte – treating acute malnutrition

Children can be seriously affected, in the long term, by the consequences of severe acute malnutrition, and when left untreated it is deadly. A special programme, Ponte Poronte, has been designed, in partnership with two other organisations, Prepara Familia and Mapani, to focus on acute malnutrition of children under 5 years old, the most vulnerable of all.

We identify, diagnose and treat malnourished children in the community, providing parents with therapeutic food for their children. In Ponte Poronte, we are using high-energy peanut paste with vitamins and minerals that is ready to use, does not need cooking or water, and can be eaten directly from the packet to treat severely malnourished children, bringing them back to health in 6
to 8 weeks.