voluntary doctors, nurses and local teams provide health care and work for the wellbeing of children and their families

Community Health Programmes​

In most of the areas we work in, we have the assistance of medical volunteers who support the projects in different ways. They monitor the children’s growth and nutritional development, perform medical check-ups, support deworming sessions, prescribe medicines or make referrals to medical
centres for children who need it. This help has been invaluable… especially now, when Venezuela’s public health system is in precarious conditions.

In cases where there is no direct medical support to the programme, the local coordinators accompany and support mothers and children that require medical attention. Where possible, help is provided towards the cost of medical exams or treatment.

Medicines and Medical Supplies

Venezuela’s health system has collapsed and there are shortages of more than 80% of medicines and medical supplies. The UN estimated in 2019 that 2.8 million Venezuelans have healthcare needs, and 300,000 were at risk of dying with cancer, diabetes or HIV, not having had access to medicine for over a year. Patients who go to hospital need to bring their own medicines and basic medical supplies like syringes, latex gloves and scalpels, as well as their own soap and water. Infectious and preventable diseases are rising.

We are regularly shipping to Venezuela a variety of donated paediatric and adult medicines, as well as medical supplies. All donations are classified and sent to different parts of the country, where they are distributed through trusted doctors or directly to people requiring medication. Given the existing need in Venezuela we gladly assume and develop, ethically and responsibly, this channelling of humanitarian aid.

Covid19 – supporting health workers

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the country and we know the worst is yet to come. With commitment and dedication, in a broken health system, health workers are on the front lines, fighting the virus and supporting those that are ill. Every day they are putting their lives, and those of their families, at risk, with little or not protection. In June 2020, 53% of hospitals had no gloves, 47% lacked masks, and over 82% had no hygiene products, such as soap, sanitising gel or disinfectants.

In April, thanks to the solidarity of many, we started to provide masks, gloves, sanitising gel, and other personal protection equipment to health workers in health centres across 11 states of the country.