committed volunteers give their time, passion and expertise in all kinds of ways to make a difference and improve the lives of many


People united by the pain of seeing children suffering from hunger and malnutrition, and by their wish to change the situation, volunteer to help. Working with love, our volunteers, in Venezuela and around the world, bring different skills, knowledge and abilities to the team and projects, whilst freely giving their time and effort to the cause.

The vital contribution volunteers make in every area of our work and their dedicated support, are key to the success and sustainability of the programmes. We could not accomplish what we do without them.

It would be impossible to name all our many volunteers, but here are some of them: Alejandra, Alexandra, Angie, Cisbelis, Daniela, Linyú, Liz, María Gabriela, Mariela, Maxiel, Sol, Solangel, Vanessa, Vania, Yelitza, Yelipsa, Zulay…