communities get together, in different settings, building networks of solidarity that provide food, protection and love to the children most in need

Community Homes​

Volunteering women from the communities open the doors to their homes, and with the help of their neighbours, receive the children most in need from the local area to give them a balanced and nutritious meal every day.

In these Community Homes, we not only provide food, but also love and protection… medical check-ups and de-worming sessions are run for the children most in need, friendship is encouraged, work is
done with joy, and the warmth of home is felt by all.

School Meals

The number of children who drop out of school, or faint in class due to lack of food, increases every day. With the support of schools in communities of extreme poverty, this programme seeks to provide a daily balanced and nutritious meal to school-age children, allowing them to grow healthy and continue their studies.

Breakfast or lunches are prepared Monday to Friday. The School programmes, with involvement of school staff and families, help the children and are also key in creating community spirit. During school holidays, thanks to the voluntary work of the community, our nutritional programmes do not stop. Parents and other volunteers organise themselves and a meal or nutritional support continues to be provided to the children.

Community Canteens and Stews

Community Canteens are run by the community for the community; a group of local volunteers come together and enable a location to function as a Community Kitchen – Canteen. These can take place in churches, clinics, community centres, and even under a tree, but the food is always prepared with kindness and love. The children most in need are incorporated onto the programme, where they receive a balanced and nutritious meal.

Community Stews are usually a weekly activity in which a group of people prepare a nutritious stew for about 100 people in need in the local area; volunteers collect wood for the fire, cut vegetables, chop the meat, and prepare a stew with love and care for the children in the programme. The
weight and size of the children is monitored and for those that need additional support, a daily meal is provided during the week.

Other Support

We are also giving nutritional support to programmes alongside, or run, by other organizations, including homes for abandoned children, children with disabilities, children in rural areas, and indigenous children in the rainforest.

All our projects and programmes are adapted to the needs and characteristics of each area. They are carried by sensitive and committed local people, sometimes in partnership with organizations or institutions with experience in community social service. The participation of the communities themselves, the dedicated support of volunteers and the local alliances are key to the success and sustainability of the programmes.