through voluntary work, community involvement, solidarity and partnership we aim to build a healthier, safer and brighter future for children and their families

Our Vision

Our vision is a country where children are well nourished and healthy, who can grow up safe, go to school, learn, play, participate, develop and reach their maximum potential. A country free of hunger and malnutrition, where every person has access to the food they need and can influence decisions affecting their lives.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support poor communities, so they can provide food for their children and tackle malnutrition today, responding to the emergency, and help them create and develop enduring solutions, promoting sustainability. We also aim to strengthen community organisations and women empowerment in meaningful ways, so the resilience of families and communities is enhanced, and people can work together to address their own needs.

Our Principles and Values

Accountability – Transparency
We take responsibility for using our resources efficiently and being accountable to beneficiaries, communities, families and children, donors, supporters and partners. We are committed to transparency and to provide clear information about the work we do.

Inclusiveness and diversity
We value diversity, we believe everyone has a contribution to make and reject all discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, opinion, race, religion, sex or social class.

We value collaborative work, and work with others whenever we can to enhance our strength in making a difference for children and their families. Together we do much more, we would not be able to achieve what we do without the contributions of everyone who supports our work.

Solidarity and justice
We cannot remain insensitive to the inequalities that exist around us. Solidarity and justice are at the core of our work.
Care and respect We are committed to work with and support people with respect and care, listening to all, encouraging participation and promoting the dignity of everyone we work with.
Promotion of human rights We defend and promote Human Rights. Human Rights are at the core of our work, in particular the rights of children.
Humanitarian principles We promote and comply with the humanitarian principles for humanitarian action: humanity, addressing human suffering wherever it is found, neutrality, impartiality and independence.