we work closely with partners that share our vision and values to make a better world… together we can do so much more!

Developing good partnerships is key to our work. We seek to maximise both funding and impact to achieve our shared aims. Working together with different partners allows us to learn from one another, shaping and improving our work. Through collaborative work we reach and help more people in need in a better way.

Acción Solidaria

Acción Solidaria http://www.accionsolidaria.info/website/ look to minimise the social impact of HIV in Venezuela and other Spanish speaking countries, offering global responses in areas of prevention and treatment. Due to the humanitarian emergency in Venezuela, Acción Solidaria has led on channelling humanitarian aid to the country and defending human rights, especially those linked to health. Through them we send medicines and medical supplies we receive as donations. In 2020, thanks to them, we were additionally able to distribute a large number of therapeutic supplements for treatment of malnutrition to different parts of the country.

Antojos Araguaney

Antojos Araguaney https://antojosaraguaney.com/ is a business dedicated to making Venezuelan products in Spain. In March 2019, Antojos Araguaney developed a fundraising campaign to collect products to support women volunteers in our programmes as part of their work on International Women’s Day. They repeated the campaign in 2020. Personal care products were sent to over 10 states in Venezuela as gifts and recognition to the women who volunteer in our programmes, working every day to support their communities.


ASOCAVEN https://asocaven.org/ is a volunteer-based association created to support and develop Venezuelan talent in Spain, whilst promoting the integration of Venezuelan people in Spanish society. Since 2018 Asocaven has chosen us, along with several other organisations in Barcelona, to take part and receive support from events they organise, such as Día de Venezuela, Mercadillo de Navidad and Día de Sant Jordi.

Asociación Papagayo

Asociación Papagayo http://www.papagayo-ue.org/ is a non-for-profit association, formed by a group of Venezuelan people living in France, that aims to positively impact the health of children most affected by severe malnutrition and at risk of death in Venezuela. They raise funds to buy therapeutic supplements for our Ponte Poronte programme, helping hundreds of malnourished children to overcome malnutrition. In 2019, in a joint effort with Papagayo, 11.7 tons of therapeutic and nutritional supplements were shipped and distributed benefitting over 1200 children and 600 pregnant and lactating women.

Bastion Life

Bastion Life https://bastion.life/ partners organizations and private donors to support a wide range of social development and personal growth programmes. Responding to the increase of child malnutrition in Venezuela, in June 2018, Bastion linked sensible and preoccupied donors to one of our Community Recovery Nutritional Programmes in Bolívar. In January 2019, thanks to the work of Bastion and the generosity of donors, we were able to start another Centre to tackle malnutrition in Anzoátegui. The support of these donors, channelled by Bastion, have been supporting hundreds of children during these years, helping them to overcome malnutrition and literally save lives.

Casa Hogar Sonrisas y Sueños

Casa Hogar Sonrisas y Sueños https://www.facebook.com/chsonrisasys/ is a non-for-profit that promotes social projects and humanitarian support for children in need. With them, we have developed several programmes for the children of Zea in Mérida.

Chamos Charity (Fundación Chamos)

Chamos Charity (Fundación Chamos) https://www.chamos.org.uk is a charitable umbrella organization, based in the UK and Spain, that supports projects that aim to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Venezuela. Since early 2019 we have received the support of Chamos in our nutritional, food security and water programmes. It has been an invaluable partnership that continues growing and enriching our work. It helps us respond to the needs identified in the field and to alleviate the suffering and improve the lives of many.


Convite https://conviteac.org.ve/ is a civic association that aims to promote social rights, supporting social justice and equality in Venezuela. They work to highlight violations of these fundamental rights, through research and training of vulnerable groups such as women, young and elderly people. In 2020 we started an important collaboration to support groups of elderly people in Mérida and Barquisimeto through provision of food and medicine.

Edesia logo

Edesia https://www.edesianutrition.org/ is a special non-profit organisation that focuses on tackling one of the world’s worst health crisis, malnutrition, by manufacturing ready-to-use therapeutic foods. Since July 2020, we have been working with Edesia, who have contributed to our work by donating their life-saving products to our programmes across the country, supporting malnourished children and literally saving lives.

Entre Todos

Entre Todos https://darentretodos.org/ aims to channel aid and solidarity to reach common goals through collaborations with various programmes and organisations. In 2020 Entre Todos, Bastion and Meals4Hope started a joint fundraising campaign looking to protect health workers in Venezuela from Covid19; the campaign was able to support over 23 centres across the country. Through their platform DarEntreTodos, US tax deductible donations can be made for our programmes: https://darentretodos.org/meals4hope

French Embassy in Venezuela

French Embassy in Venezuela https://ve.ambafrance.org/-Accueil-ES- in view of the situation in Venezuela, and following directives from the French government, the Embassy have built networks with organisations that work in the food and nutrition sectors. Through this they provided support for the “Fortalecimiento comunitario para la protección nutricional y la seguridad alimentaria de las poblaciones en riesgo – 2020″ project to support food security and fight malnutrition in seven areas of the country.

Fundación Creo en Ti

Fundación Creo en Ti https://fundacioncreoenti.org.ve/ support nutritional programmes in various communities, enabling spaces of dignity, togetherness and solidarity for those most in need. They offer children, adults and the elderly hope that a world of solidarity is possible. With them, we run a nutritional programme for children in need in San Juán de los Morros.

Fundación Las Plumas

Fundación Las Plumas https://fundacionlasplumas.org/ started in 2005, as a non-for-profit, based on principles of solidarity, with the aim of promoting social activities around agricultural training and environmental conservation, to develop social growth and improve living conditions. In 2017, we started working with them to nutritionally support pre-school children in La Romana. We currently work with them and local teams in 4 nutrition centres in  Acarigua-Araure. Fundación Las Plumas plays a key role in logistics of distribution and storage of humanitarian aid to our programmes in other areas of the country.

Fundaserpe the Fundación de Amigos del Servicio Pediátrico Menca de Leoni supports the treatment and wellbeing of children in the Dr. Raúl Leoni Hopsital in Guaiparo, San Félix. With them we have, since 2017, supported hospitalised children that suffer from malnutrition.

Infancia Solidaria

Infancia Solidaria https://infanciasolidaria.org/ aims to help children, supporting their health and futures. They support surgical interventions for children in developing countries that cannot be treated in their home countries. Due to the significant increase in demand from children in Venezuela, and conscious of the difficult situation in the country, in 2019 they contacted us to start a collaboration to provide medicine for children who suffer from convulsions and to support some surgeries for children in Venezuela.


MAPANI https://www.facebook.com/madresypadresporlosninosenvenezuela/ is an NGO that since 2015 fights for and promotes the rights of children in areas of nutrition, health and education. In collaboration with Mapani, we deliver the the Ponte Poronte programme in Barquisimeto, where they run a centre for nutritional recovery, paediatric medicine, psychological help and legal support for children in need.

Médicos Unidos Venezuela-France

Médicos Unidos Venezuela-France https://www.muvfrance.com/ looks to develop and promote solutions to the health crisis in Venezuela. We started a joint campaign to help protect health workers in Venezuela during the Covid19 pandemic, which later became a global campaign with other organisations. We made a successful joint application to the Concours PwC VPNP 2020, which currently supports over 340 children and 130 pregnant and lactating women in 3 centres in Venezuela.

Movimiento Calasanz

Movimiento Calasanz https://www.escolapios21.org/tag/venezuela/ are a religious community dedicated to the education of children and young people, giving priority to those living in poverty. In May 2018 we started a collaboration with the Piarist community and Alimenta La Solidaridad – Lara, in Barquisimeto to open a school canteen in their school in El Trompillo Parte Alta. We currently work with them in 3 communities in Lara, supporting over 400 children and pregnant and lactating women.


Nutriset https://www.nutriset.fr/en was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing nutritional support to vulnerable populations and aiding humanitarian organisations. We use the therapeutic and nutritional supplements developed by Nutriset in some of our projects, and on several occasions have received donations of their products directly or through partner organisations.

Prepara Familia

Prepara Familia http://preparafamilia.org/ is a NGO that since 2008 has been supporting and defending the rights of children in the JM de los Ríos Hospital in Caracas. They support mothers and carers of hospitalised children, helping with legal aspects, nutrition, resources, and psychological and affective matters. In collaboration with Prepara Familia, we are developing the nutritional development programme Ponte Poronte, starting a new centre to nutritionally support children and pregnant and lactating women in Caracas.

Programa de Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela

Programa de Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela  https://www.ayudahumanitariavenezuela.org/ aims to organise, collect and send humanitarian aid for its distribution through local NGOs to those most vulnerable in Venezuela. In 2020, thanks to a collaborative work between PAHV and Meals4Hope, we have been able to provide therapeutic and nutritional supplements to 30 communities across 9 states of the country, benefiting over 800 children and 300 lactating mothers.

Punto Ecológico

Punto Ecológico https://www.facebook.com/pg/puntoecologicoe is a non-for-profit foundation that aims to promote ecology, environmental education, conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Since we started our work in 2016, we have collaborated with Punto Ecológico, supporting the nutritional security of Villa Esperanza in Barcelona.

Salud para Guayana – SAPAGUA – Brisas del Sur

Salud para Guayana – SAPAGUA – Brisas del Sur is an organisation dedicated to promoting health in Guayana. In 2016 we started a collaboration with the Sapagua group in Brisas del Sur, in order to support the nutritional recovery of children suffering from malnutrition in the community. Since then we have supported over 1200 children and women in need.

Salud para Venezuela

Salud para Venezuela https://www.saludparavenezuela.com/ was born from the need to raise awareness in the international community and the Venezuelan diaspora abroad of the shortages and scarcity produced by the social, political and economic crisis in Venezuela. Since 2018 Salud para Venezuela have organised several cultural events to benefit Meals4Hope. During the Covid19 pandemic, in collaboration with MUV-France, we set up a joint fundraising campaign to provide personal protection equipment and supplies for health workers in Zulia, Portuguesa and Mérida.

Te Apoyo Venezuela

Te Apoyo Venezuela http://teapoyovenezuela.org/ is an initiative led by volunteers from Un Mundo Sin Mordaza Barcelona-España, which aims to support the sending of humanitarian aid to Venezuela. With their ‘solidarity bracelets’ they aim to increase visibility of the Venezuelan situation, as well as raise funds for humanitarian organisations working in the country. Since 2018, Te apoyo Venezuela has been a key collaborator, working together in events, raising funds for our programmes with their bracelets and supporting the sending food and medicines to different areas of the country.

TwinFin https://www.twinfinsurfcamp.com/ is a surf camp in Tenerife, Spain that do a number of activities to raise funds for our programmes and promote awareness of the Venezuelan situation, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.
VENEMEX https://www.venemex.org/ formed by Venezuelan and Mexican people, is a non-for-profit organisation, that aims to support and advise the Venezuelan community in Mexico. Since 2018, this group of people, also worried about the situation in Venezuela, has given us funds to help with the humanitarian work we do.
Venezolanos en Kendall
Venezolanos en Kendall https://unidosxvenezuelausa.org has the aim of channelling humanitarian aid to Venezuelans in need, helping others and getting the community to support their work through donations. From time to time, since Sept 2018, we receive support from Venezolanos in Kendall, in the form of food and soup bags that have helped hundreds of children in Lara and Portuguesa.
Venezuela ahora
Venezuela Ahora  https://www.facebook.com/venezuelaahoraabz/ is a group of volunteers living in Aberdeen, working to raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting Venezuela. Venezuela Ahora also organises events to raise funds to send humanitarian aid to Venezuela and support projects that work with vulnerable people in the country. In 2019 Venezuela Ahora started supporting our nutritional programmes in Maracaibo and Mérida, and in 2020 furthered their support to Zaraza and Duaca.
Venezuelan Engagement Foundation
Venezuelan Engagement Foundation https://www.engagementfound.org/ supports social initiatives that aim to empower people and tackle poverty. In November 2017, we started a partnership process with VEF the focus of which has changed through the years, but has always maintained a collaborative spirit allowing both organizations to increase our impact, benefitting more vulnerable children.
Visión Sin Limites
Visión Sin Limites https://www.facebook.com/FUNVISIN/ aims to fight for the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in sporting events, and everyday life, through cultural and sporting events and activities. In Novemeber 2018 we started a collaboration with Visión Sin Límites, supporting children in need that take part in their activities in Margarita.
Zdenac-Aljibe  http://www.zdenac.org/index.php/es/ is a missionary movement formed by missionaries, volunteers and collaborators who support children, abandoned elderly people and other people in need. In August 2017 we started working with Zdenac-Aljibe, helping feed children and young people in 5 communities in Nueva Esparta.