Rural women … supporting life, working together for their families and their community

Rural communities have been greatly affected by the crisis in Venezuela. There are high levels of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition.

Food is scarce in homes and in local markets. The few products that arrive are expensive, not accessible for most families. As elsewhere in the world, in these rural areas, poverty has a woman’s face. There are so many families, led by a woman, that cannot cover their daily basic needs.

Women are always ready to fight for their families and their children. Sometimes a Little bit of support can generate a huge impact, with solidarity and creativity streaming out and changing things.
With the Rural Woman Project we are supporting 160 women and their families in rural villages in the State of Mérida.

Women who have avidly taken to growing plants and raising animals, with dedication and joy, learning, sharing and building solidarity networks. Rural women, supporters of life, who through adversity provide food for their families and community and help protect the environment.

“I feel so grateful for this project that has reactivated the women of this community. I feel it has changed our lives. We are happier and more active”

“With my kitchen garden I can ensure part of the food for my family; I have also sold some banana cookies for a bit of extra help”

“This new project has made us feel alive again, we were spiritless. We’ve been revived! We support and share with each other… we are so grateful for the support, for having been thought of … for being listened to. Thank you!”

This family and community production of food provides food and some extra funds for the families taking part in the project, but also supports the school canteens and community food projects, helping over 600 people in the areas where the project runs.

“I am so happy. My children tell me that I never want to leave the garden, but I like caring for the plants and I can teach them, because we are poor and we know they have to learn. Raising chicks he have eaten chicken at home, and I sold some to buy some school supplies for my children”