helping people gain the confidence, skills and tools they need to participate and improve the quality of life of their families and communities


We aim to build and strengthen ways for people to come together in their communities, become involved and take effective action to meet their own needs. Helping people to gain skills and confidence, and helping community groups to grow, be efficient and effective is a key element of our work. It is through such local groups that changes in the quality of life are most likely to be achieved and sustained in the community.

To build the capacity of a community, it is important to identify and reinforce existing skills, knowledge and resources, as well as bringing new skills and tools, strengthening the abilities and confidence of people and community groups. The training required can be very varied and needs to be adapted to each project and community. It may involve interpersonal, communicational and organisational skills, as well as specific skills such as identifying and managing malnutrition, producing local food, promoting good hygiene habits, health prevention or defending human rights.

As well as running participatory workshops and providing training to communities, we also train health providers and other professional groups in areas of management of malnutrition.